Our Staff


John O. Farmer's staff has many years of experience ranging from accounting, contracts, investments, compliance and production data management to roustabout, leasing, geophysical interpretation, production management, well-site geology, geologic engineering, economic evaluation and oil & gas interest appraisal.

John O. Farmer, IV - President

John O. Farmer, III - Chairman

Ron Gfeller - CFO/Portfolio Manager

Matt Dreiling - Vice President /Geologist/Geophysicist

Andrea Krauss - Controller

Kathy Mitchell - COO (Smoky Hill Capital)

Austin Klaus - Geologist

Marcia Peck - Accounts Payable

Devin Gfeller - Business Analyst (Smoky Hill Capital)

Trisha VonLintel - Geologist/Land

Marge Schulte - Compliance/Production

Stacy Weilert - Office Manager

Val Dreher - Production Superintendent

Duane Eichman - Production Superintendent

Alan Nichol - Production Foreman

Terry Eichman - Pumper

Dustin Peck - Roustabout

C.H. White - Roustabout